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The college has three in-campus hostels (Two Boys and One Ladies) with capacity of 900 inmates. The rooms are spacious, well-furnished and duly maintained. Mess facility is provided for students. Hygienic vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are provided to the students at a nominal rate. Incoming telephone facility is provided for the hostel. There is a small library inside the hostel and is attached to a common room with TV facility. All the hostels have Wi-Fi coverage with a small computer room with internet connection. Hostel is provided with first aid kits and general medicines to take care of simple illness. A consulting room is available in the hostel. The college vehicle has been engaged to shift the sick to nearby hospitals in case of emergency. One pharmacist is always there to ensure medical facilities of students. Furthermore, the hostellers have access to the Central Library in the campus. The hostel is having a recreation hall which acts as a common room for the students with facilities for indoor games. Several news papers and magazines are subscribed to the hostels. Audio visual facilities are also provided in the hall through television and audio systems. On the innovative front, Institute is planning to set up a rooftop solar system in hostels to provide warm water, to be used for various purposes.

Faculty Incharge of Different Hostel

1. Warden for all the hostel

Dr. Trilochan Rout(ME, Warden for all the hostel)

2. For Boys Hostel-1 (200 seated)

Dr. Jnanaranjan Mohanty (Superintendent)

Mr. Kalyan Kumar Jena (Assistant Superintendent)

3. For Boys Hostel-1 (367 seated)

Dr. Chita Ranjan Mallick (Superintendent)

Dr. Raghunandan Swain (Assistant Superintendent)

4. For Ladies Hostel-1 (200 seated)

Ms. Baisalini Sethi (Superintendent)

Ms. Sankhamitra Sunani(Assistant Superintendent)


Student Members for Different Committee of Boys Hostel-1(200 Seated)

Sl. No Name Department (Year) Room No Wing/Roll Contact No

Wing Representative Committee

1 Sankalp Tripathy CSE(3rd) 10 West Ground Floor 9658344549
2 Suman Kumar Ghosh CE(3rd) 102 West 1st Floor 9583880847
3 Dibyajoti Behera EE(3rd) 204 West 2nd Floor 707796404
4 Bikram Panigrahi CE(4th) 16 East Ground Floor 8093436487
5 Priyajit Sethi AE(3rd) 121 East 1st Floor 8895466883
6 Kiran Sune PE(3rd) East 2nd Floor 9040513346

Welfare Committee

1 Jagatdeep Pattnaik CSE(4th) 015 Advisior 8596930007
2 Sidharth Swain ME(3rd) 204 Coordinator 8763079808
3 All Wing Members Mention in wing Representative Member Mention in wing Representative

Maintenance and Sanitation

1 Binaya Soren EE(4th) 09 Advisor
2 Sunil Kumar Das AE(3rd) 220 Coordinator
3 All Wing Members Member

Mess Committee

1 Banamali Sahu ME(4th) 014 Advisor 7205246662
2 Binaya Naik ME(4th) 220 Coordinator 8338931701
3 All Wing Members Member

Sports Committee

1 Barada Prasana Nayak EE(4th) 017 Advisor 9853134901
2 Suman Kumar AE(3rd) 120 Coordinator 82803054901
3 All Wing Members Member Mention in wing Representative